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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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aying the lack of spending cuts is a concern amongst republican. >> it is better to get it right than toing act in haste. if we vote on the bill today, i will vote against it because this is not the way to do the people's business. >> we hope our colleagues on the other side of the aisle can reach compromise. >> if the senate bill passes the house as it is delays sequestration cuts for two months. it will extend tax cause making less than $250,000. and it will extend unemployment benefits for two million people they expire today. president obama announced that no one got everything they wanted and wants the house to pass it. >> we find ourself with a bill that does not reflect financial wisdom but the spirit that per veighs this town. the time to confront this is not
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now but later, we'll do the right thing then. >> some republicans are suggesting amending the bill that the senate passed and adding spending cuts in that bill. this will have to happen by noon thursday when this congress ends and the new one is sworn in or the whole thing starts over again. the sequestration cuts take effect as the tax cuts -- in fact, they have already taken effect. >> thank you. so what do americans think of the job that congress is doing to solve this fiscal crisis? agoal goal went out to find out. >> they don't think much of what is going on in the building behind me. we crossed the river into virginia and the fact that the fiscal cliff deal is still not done comes to no surprise from everyone you're about to hear from. we traveled to the north side
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social in arlington with one goal. we asked people for one word to describe congress. >> one word -- >> you guessed it, nonare flattering. >> dysfunctional. >> stubborn. >> silly. >> watching the 112th congress bicker its way through negotiationings leaves people lime tom disappointed. >> i'm adisappointed. >> people like katherine apathetic. >> it seems like a cycle of nonsense. >> it has gotten worse. >> he's right. this congress will go down as the least productive on record. the bottom line is that members are not putting country first. >> now it is so bipartisan and they are used to beating the other guy. >> which brings us to the next congress and the next fight acoss cross the board spending
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cuts and the fiscal cliff negotiations delayed for two months. the idea that battle will be different than this one seems -- >> i would like it to. >> laughable. she makes a point that a lot of people make during these strugglings democracy is a method it always has been but plenty of people we spoke with say they are sick and tired of the mess and they are hope they don't think congress can do anything. >> some interesting comments out there. chris will be monitoring everything going on in the capitol tonight and will bring us updates in the next hour and a half. >> we go to the weather and our first forecast for 2013. steve rudin is in the weather center. >> not so bad here in the weather center. we're watching clouds and we had
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a few showers south of d.c. but those showers are pretty much gone with. 41 in dulles. the same in manassas. 44 at reagan national airport. if you're looking for the colder air, head out to the west. 27 in oakland, maryland. moisture is to the south of our area and it is going to continue to lift off toward the south i should say drop to the south as we move through the overnight hours. we're going to look for our skies to begin to clear. here's a look at the forecast for the evening hours. our temperatures for the most part will fall into the 30's for the evening hours. as we move into the later night hours dropping into the 20's. coming up we'll talk about the full forecast for the rest of the week. if you're looking for snow, i will give you an idea when we might see a little around here. >> fire investigators are foe kissed on two red flags.
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a con gre investigation looks for another place to worship. there was a fire early this morning on oxon hill. >> it was early this morning flames from this church illuminated this entire neighborhood. you can see how much damage the fire inflected and the congregation is reeling from this devastating fire. when they arrived about 7:30 this morning firefighters confronted a wall of flames. the raging fire tore through thes we lain church in oxon hill in minutes but some say it will take a long time to recover from the loss. >> it is painful. >> while investigators comb through the debray members of the church reflected on what may have sparked the inferno. >> no idea. i really don't know. >> a power outage last night ended the new year's eve service
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here. >> i'm so upset about it. >> the church's pastor says there has never been any problems before, no vandal lism or con -- vandalism or conflicts with neighbors. >> two separate parts of the church could be considered a point of origin. any time that occurs it is a red flag for investigators. >> while investigatorings a seek the cause of the fire the congregation is looking for something else, a place to hold next sunday's service. >> it will make us stronger. >> some 80-members of this congregation. investigators still try to find a cause of the fire they say are not ready to consider this fire to be suspicion in nature. reporting live, stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> d.c. firefighters are still
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on the scene. that fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon. investigators say the fire started on the second floor of the three-story apartments. several people were evacuated. one person suffered minor injuries. >> new developments in a death of a prince william county policeman. a woman from gainesville who collided with officer chris yung. the investigators is continuing. people placed flowers at a memorial that you see right here. investigators say he was responding to an accident when his motorcycle collided with the minivan. he was a seven-year veteran of the force and he leaves behind a wife and three children. >> with a new year comes higher tolls on busy virginia roads. starting today it will cost you moore to drive the toll roads. it will cost you $1.75 to go
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through the main toll plaza and a $1 at the on and off ramps and expect another toll hike in 2014. >> meanwhile in maryland a new law allows same-sex marriage to marry legally in the state. >> scott and jason were the first same-sex couple to apply for a marriage license. they rang in the new year in a low-key but joyful way. after 13 years the big day has come. >> i'm nervous but i'm really excited. absolutely, just beside myself. >> we just wanted to be treated like anybody else so we're sell brailting with everybody in the state today. >> the couple held a ceremony eight years ago but today they welcome friends into their home for a legal wedding.
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>> they are two wonderful people and to see that, to be apart of this it is so special. >> they weren't the first though. at 12:30 this morning seven same-sex couples tied the knot at city hall. >> this is the happiest i've ever been. >> the mayoro efficient crated. >> there are so many people who have the chance to have the life they wanted. >> maryland passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and today, the first vows. >> because of you i laugh i smile, i dare to dream. >> i look forward with great joy to spend passenger rest of my life with you, caring for you and much churching you and being for there for you. >> couples have been bound with ribbons. >> by the power invested in me by the state of maryland you are
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legally wed. you may kiss your husband. >> making it finally official. >> it was worth it. it was absolutely worth it. >> same-sex marriage is legal in nine states and the district and illinois is expected to introduce legislation this month. but the nation is very much divided. at least 30 states ban it in their state's constitution. >> listen up, this is an amazing story. a florida pilot was in the right place at the right time as he flew over his house. he was flying home from north carolina. he always flies over his house before he lands but yesterday he saw someone peering around the house and he had a trailer attached to a truck. he lowered his plane to just 300 feet off the ground.
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>> right in front of us, making a tight circle around our property, watching him from the air and he was clearly looking at us several times. looked up. >> he got scared too. he drove off and so he followed him with his plane he landed called police and officers arrested him and he is charged with grand theft. >> surprised he was still brazen to drive off with a plane circling. >> coming up, what police think happened on a metrobus that led to two women being attacked. the state of virginia could make in the abuse scandal fallout. >> it was a big surprise for a woman and her son watching the parade today. >> it is beautiful once she comes out and starts crying and you see she's health yean you
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get to holder. >> meet one of the first washington areas born in 2013.
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>> the first new year baby was born at the stroke of midnight.
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>> it the second was very close behind. this is one of the first 2013 babies and her proud parents. >> call it a fight to beat the clock. she just made it. >> five seconds later she's here. >> 6 pounds and 10 ounces and 19 inches long. >> i did not expect it. >> emily's mother was induced after doctors realized she was having high blood pressure issues. mom didn't get a chance to get pain med. once she arrived all that did not matter. >> i saw she was healthy and i was happy. >> the dad who missed their son's birth sick years ago. >> it is beautiful when she starts crying and you get to
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hold her. you it is one of those feelings you will never feel in your life. >> all right a competitive girl. another baby girl was born right at midnight. brianna weighed 7 pounds and 6 ounces. back to baby emily, she says whether she was first or second she says as long as she's healthy. >> this year is better than last year. a lot of bad things have happened to me. >> so far already a good 2013. >> she's cute. the cleanup in new york city began right after the festivities ended as you can imagine what one people leave behind. crews jumped into action to clean up piles of trash and confetti. the ball drop in times square has been an annual tradition since when?
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>> 1904. >> you cheated. a tradition carried on in pasadena, california today. the rose parade among them was a coach, a kidney donor was joined on the float who is becoming a living donor. also today espn anchor was back on the job hosting that parade. several weeks ago she suffered serious burns in and her left hand is still bandaged. >> the rose parade also featured a huge surprise for one military member. army sergeant was riding on a fleet wore service members and take a look. he walked over to his surprised wife and 4-year-old son who came
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running out of the stands to greet him. she was told she won a contest to attend the parade, little did she know her husband would be there. can you imagine? >> it is hard to top that. >> you know our weather is not so bad. we had cloudy skies to start of 2013 but if you like it cold and brighter tomorrow is your day of choice. >> i don't know if i like that. >> we'll talk about some snow but don't get your hopes up. outside right now we're looking at temperatures that are not so bad for the first day of january. 44 degrees at reagan national airport. the wind-chill factor is not an issue with winds only around 5 miles an hour but it may feel a couple degrees colder. our high made it up to 45. the average for this day is 44. tomorrow we're going to drop about 8 to 10 degrees so colder air will be overhead as high
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pressure settles over the atlantic. 69 degrees in back in 2005. 14 below back in 1881. nothing like that on the way any time soon. silver springs had a high of 46. no rain to speak of in ashburn. our final stop, george washington university and the district looking at 44 degrees with winds around 3 to 5 miles an hour. the cold area is off to the north rein west of us. it will make its way towards us. our skies will clear but we'll hang on the a few clouds tomorrow morning. a good deal or sunshine for the day tomorrow. the colder air to the west of us 22 in detroit. charleston looking at 34 degrees. willing on the, north carolina in the mid 50's this hour. south of d.c. today the
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atmosphere is so dry. nothing can reach the ground and high pressure is settling in from the nert and west. this is going to push out of here and that's why we're looking for brighter skies for tomorrow. doppler radar quiet and dry and it will remain that way for the next five to seven days. no snow, no rain in the forecast. so a settled weather conditions on the way with milder temperatures next week. we'll talk about that in the seven day outlook. here's our futurecast. temperatures will fall into the 30's and the 20's. thursday, another chilly day with temperatures around 35 to 40 degree. the warm-upological arrive saturday and sunday. even warmer come tuesday of next week. winds will be out of the north just at 5 to 10. good deal of sunshine for wednesday, back to work and back to school. 40 for the afternoon high.
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temperatures are going to go up. mid 40's saturday and sunday. upper 40's by monday and tuesday of next week. you can head over to and i think a lot of folks, if you don't like the snow we have a little of fog next week. if you like the snow we still have time. it is only the beginning of january. >> thank you very much. >> now here's a look at what is coming up tonight. "shark tank" starts at 8:00. then be sure to stick around for "nashville" and abc 7 news at 11:00. hollywood is buzzing because we should know by next week who is nominated for an oscar. the deadline is extended for people to cast their ballots.
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officials say that voting is extended because of the problems with the academies new online voting system. >> coming up, the big milestone that robin has achieved and who she got to celebrate it with. >> most people make resolutions but most people don't keep them.
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>> 2012 is quite a year and as we start a new year we look at the big local stories of 2012. >> here's what we came up with. we're going to look at number six through 10. >> number 10, the mega lottery hit. she told the world that she won and lost the ticket. three teachers really won the lottery. a mansel brated after showing customers the apparent winning ticket. he didn't win either. number nine, cape crusader traffic stop. millions have watched this video of batman getting pulled over in march in silver spring for not having a license plate on his
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bat mobile. he is a kind man who visits kids in the hospital. he was not given a ticket. number eight, the baby panda for six days we were excited about the baby panda born another the zoo. sadly the cub passed away less than a week after its birth. number seven, a d.c. legend passes. d.c. gave the world go go music and the godfather was chuck brown who passed away in may. fans remembered him through his music. number six a murder case. la crosse player was convicted of the 2010 murder of former girlfriend of maryland. in august a judge sentenced him to 23 years in prison. >> that was six through 10. coming up at 6:00 we're going to bring you our top five biggest local stories and here's a hint
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about number one, it affected millions of people throughout the d.c. area. can you guess it? >> still ahead at 5:00, end of the year new good news for d.c. police and residents. >> we're going to tell you about the unusual laws passed around the country for 2013. >>
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. >> police are searching for a man who attacked two women on a bus overnight. >> there was some kind of argument and that's when a man pulled out a knife and attacked, according to police. we're live with what the police are using to find the suspect. >> i just got off the phone with a metro spokesperson and they tell me this was surveillance camera on the bus and they are working with police to review the tape hoping there is an image of the suspect, a man who pulled out a knife and attacked two women. the bus where felicia was a crime scene 14 hours earlier. overnight video shows police searching bus that left a female
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rider bloody. >> that could be kids or anything on the bus. that is bad that it happened to a woman. >> a metro spokesperson says that it happened after 2:00 this morning. things got heated and a man pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman and then hit another female passenger in the head. >> it could happen to anybody. >> hearing the commotion the bus driver brought the bus to a stop. the driver called the police but not before the suspect took off. passengers say that is one more accident has them questioning their safety. >> you hear stories about things like that happening. >> i travel with my children so we just go where we're going and hope it does not happen when we're on the bus. >> unfortunately police tell me these two women are expected to
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be ok and they are taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and spent the night if the hospital. >> now to connecticut. they are turn to school this week hundreds of teachers and students from sandy hook will be back on class on thursday. in a different school building one town away and they it will be a nervous time. police are hoping to make the transition smooth. the backpacks will be moved to the new school and 26 students and teachers were killed in the shooting. developing news from pennsylvania governor tom corbett says that he plans to sue ncaa. in the after math of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the yufert agreed to sanctions last july. they banned the university from competing in postseason bowl
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games. >> here's a look at top stories we're following tonight. republicans are leaving right now to talk about how to hand the fiscal cliff. house republican leader eric cantor says he can't support the senate bill. democrats are urging house leaders to let members vote on this bill. >> a raging fire tore through a church in a county today. they are devastated today and investigators are trying to determine the cause and church leaders trying to find a place to worship on sunday. >> at the stroke of midnight same-sex couples began getting married. seven couples tied the note early this morning. they were the force to take advantage of the new law legalizing same-sex marriage. and same-sex marriage is recognized in nine states. there are many other new laws that go sby effect today.
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we break down some of the new intrigues new laws. >> in california driverless car ace allowed on the highways. a human still had has to be in the passenger seat and californians can use their smartphones to prove they have insurance. >> it is a wonderful thing. if you have your insurance with you all the time, we have our drivers license on there. >> speaking of licenses, in tennessee drivers older than 60 are required to have a photo on theirs. >> you have to have it done anyways so why not get your picture made? >> in massachusetts, they outlawed plastic bottles, no other community has done that. if you pop a wheeling on your motorcycle you get slammed with a $1,000 type. you will be in trouble if you possess, sell, or distribute shark fins, never mind that i'll
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sil not near any oceans. pigs have. be a problem there. in kansas, the law restricts the number of cats allowed in one household, no more than four. >> don't letting them loose. >> a check on the traffic situation. >> happy new years today. we are experiencing light volume around the area. the restrictions lifted for the prex lanes and those are pointed southbound. we do have a little bib of congestion on route 23. an accident with police on the shoulder. maryland, a serious accident remains with an investigation going on the baltimore-washington parkway. traffic is getting by in a single lane to the right. we're hearing of a trafficer trailer fire before 216.
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in maryland, maryland road remains blocked near the d.c. line. back to you. >> coming up, we told you about the local stories of 2012. still to come, we'll brake down the national headlines from last year. >> 2012 ended with homicide figures in d.c. com parrable to those in the 1960's. i'm sam ford that story is coming up. >> you can serve a cold one or a co
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>> d.c. saw a significant drop in homicide in 2012. >> homicides were down but violent crime were up. sam ford joins us to break down the numbers. sam? >> yes, in 2012 as you said, violent crime was up, property crime was up more than anything else, up 4% in 2012. overall violent crime was up 3%, particularly sex abuse that was up 50%. however, homicides were down and they have not been this low since 1961 when john f. kennedy
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was the president and people told us they feel safer in d.c. than they used to feel. we asked in one of d.c.'s poorest neighborhoods. >> it is a lot safer than it used to be. >> and in one of its more aflu wept. >> it is a much safer neighborhood than we had before and i think police care more than what they did when he moved here. >> d.c. in 2012 with 88 homicides, 18% fewer than 201 82% fewer than 1981 during the crime epidemic when d.c. earned the title murder capitol. >> it was having homicides every day. >> it was so intense that he started documenting the lives and death of young black men on camera. he started showing their concerns on one side of the screen and in their coffins in
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the other. he hopes the video shows youth about the pain of violence helps. >> they are getting educated on the consequences about it. >> yet people across the city say police are more visible and seemingly everywhere then is a big factor. >> i moved here in 1999 and every year it gets better. >> all acknowledge that d.c. can still be a dangerous place and 88 homicides represent a big problem. but it is a smaller number than this city has had in more than half a century. reporting live from d.c. police headquarters, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> up next robin roberts her new milestone in her bone marrow transplant. >> there with s one key way to keep your new year's resolution. >> this woman her
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>> new year's resolution? >> i'm working on them. >> with a new year comes a slew
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of resolutions. >> eat better, save money but often those goals are not reached. >> we're going to see how to make your resolutions a reality. >> it is easy to make new year's resolutions but can you keep them? absolutely. if you're smart with your planning and can handle setbacks. the first rule be specific. don't say i want to lose weight or handle money better. >> those are too general. you have to be specific, i want to loss 10 pounds. i want to save $2,000 this year. the more specific the more likely you will reach that goal. >> second, be reallyistic about what you can accomplish. it is hard for people to lose 100 pounds in a year. set out to do what is obtainable. next, you need a plan 37 if you want to get fit you may want to set a goal of working out three times a week and decreasing
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portion sizes. >> things don't change because you want them too. >> you need a short term goal. >> a year is too long. set a goal for one week. >> the best idea to keep a resolution is be resiliant. >> you have to expect a setback the goal is progress not perfection. >> try to make one or two resolutions a year, more than that may be a recipe for failure. >> most people have a tough time sticking to their new year's resolution. she is the exception to. he was overweight and decided two years ago she was going to change her lifestyle. she lost 107 pounds. how did she do? she joined a gym, participated in group fitness classes and swam a lot. >> if i can do one lap, i can do two. it with as slow progress.
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then wits a winning situation. i could get the sense that i made an accomplishment. >> jackson says she feels much healthier now but she says this year she wants to tone and strengthen her body. >> good for you. "good morning america" anchor robin roberts passed a milestone today. she is celebrating her 100 day after her transplant. robin celebrated the mile stole by reuniting with her dog while preparing for he transplant in august she sent her dog to be off with a friend. she is expected to return to g.m.a. soon. >> will the house go along with the senate bill to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll have the latest on the fiscal cliff and what was the
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top stories of 2012. we'll reveal the top five stories coming up. >> we're going to reveal what the weather is going to be like tomorrow and monday and tuesday. >> and beyond. we're looking at a quiet weather pattern setting up across the mid-atlantic. if those of you who love the snow it is not in the forecast. temperatures are falling. reagan national is coming in at the mid 40's. all the moisture to the south of us and the high pressure will build in and that will allow our skies to clear nicely. so if you have not seen any winterry weather, today, south of d.c., you're not going to see anything else as we move through the next several days. if you do like the snow, on average, this is what we normally see for the month of january around washington. around 5.5 inches of snow and our avenue average high is in the 40's.
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we'll see ampling temperature for the upcoming weekend. early next week big changes are on the way. highs tomorrow will be in the mid 30's and the wind-chill factor will make it feel colder than that. lower 40's on friday but look at saturday and sunday. back into the mid 40's and by monday and tuesday will be around 50 degrees. is the home for abc 7 weather. you can check out the forecast 24 hours a day. there you have it. not a bad start to 2013. >> no complaints here. >> forgive us if we want to talk about it even though it is over. >> new years started on sunday when the skins won. >> the celebration. >> so 4:30 on sunday is what we're keeping our eyes on.
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it helps to make the playoffs after 11 combined wins many redskins fans wanted mike shanahan gone. fast forward toll now they are in plans to extend hid contract which is a five year deal worth $7 million a year. that should come in the off season. shanahan? focused on seatle. he has coached three of the great quarterbacks not including rg3. he'll tell you everything is a little bit special this year. >> it is so rewarding to come in and, you know, try to put something together and see the guys so excited, the coaching staff so excited. it is what you work for. we're seeing a lot of guys making different steps, learning the offense, defense, and stepping up and accomplishing something. i feel good about it. >> he rang in the new year and
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the resolution is trying to compete in in the conference excluding duke. first thing is first, this game, right here, 27-23 with the rebound starts the break and charles mitchell will finish the rest of that layup. second half, howard comes up with the steal goes all the way for the easy layup. they win 81-63. south carolina/michigan, fourth quarter check out this heat. the helmet went off on that one. i think you can see it again. poor guy he gets leveled. 17 seconds to go, he makes the catch for the game-winning touchdown. south carolina wins 33-28. >> we'll have more on that at
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6:00. >> up next, the biggest headlines from 2012. >> we look back remember, and re
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>> there are many big new stories in 2012 to elections to weather disasters and mass shooting. >> we take a look at the big headlines of the past year. >> there was no end in 2012 to the tragedy suffering in afghanistan. while more than 2,000 u.s. troops have been killed in the nation's longest war the president pledged 2013 would end differently. >> this time of war began in afghanistan and this is where it will end. >> there were man-made tragedies such as the cruise ship sinking. >> i thought i was going to die. >> still no act of nature was as devastating as superstorm sandy.
5:56 pm
>> it is like the apox lips. >> inknow dating new york city, new jersey was hit especially hard. >> the rollercoaster was in the ocean. >> the economy of 2012 took us on a ride from big bets gone wrong. >> jpmorgan chase lost $6 billion in two weeks. >> the stock has been disappointing. >> of course, there was a presidential race taking shape. >> mitt romney clenched the nomination. >> amitt romney's troubles were recorded by a videotape. >> but president obama helped his opponent by an unforgettable debate performance. >> barack obama has been re-elected. >> the gun control debate invigorated in the wake of several deadly mass shootings one in a temple in wisconsin and the other during a midnight
5:57 pm
movie in colorado. >> i kept thinking i'm not going to die in here. >> but nothing rocked the country more than the shooting death of 20 children and faculty in newtown connecticut. >> i love you all very much and it is going to be ok, because i thought that was the last thing they would ever hear. >> for us who remain let us find the strength to care on. >> trayvon martin became a household name. >> are you following him? >> we don't need you to do that. . >> a shooting death of by a watch captain sparked a heated debate on race and justice. the states had jerry sandusky sentenced to life behind bars. >> they can treat me as a monster but they can't take away my heart. >> some of our heroes fell from
5:58 pm
grace there was lance armstrong. >> stripped of his seven tour de france titles. >> stopped in his tracks by a doping scandal. our greatest general was undone by sex. >> in having a kay director cannot be overplayed. >> the middle east was on fire from the civil war in syria to renew fighting in israel and gaza. to the deadly 9/11 attack in libya. >> it is tragic that he died because it is a city he helped to save. >> now at 6:00, in through knobs in the showdown over the fiscal cliff. >> i'm kris van cleave, house g.o.p. lead rers meeting now. will they come up with an answer to the senate bill? we'll find out. >> same-sex couples say i do in
5:59 pm
maryland. but that is not only the change you can expect in 2013. >> are changes in store for our weather in 2013. steve rudin updates his full forecast now at 6:00. >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> house republicans are meeting again at this hour -- the struggles in the house. but tonight's top republican leaders say they don't support the bill that is on the table and right now those house republican leaders meeting on the bill. this could be the first day where we could see taxes go up and big deep spending cuts kick in. >> a showdown between democrats and republicans come hours after the senate votes on the measure. >>


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